Some popular photos of the Allagash River Area.
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The Allagash River Waterway is widely recognized as one of the best canoeing areas in the country, and deservedly so. Paddling north from Chamberlain Bridge there are over one hundred miles of lakes and river before reaching the first civilization at Allagash Village.
Allagash River Photo 10
This is the take out point at the end of the Allagash River in Allagash, Maine.This will be just before the bridge you see. Paddlers can set their tents up here for an overnight stay if they choose.
Allagash River Photo 4
Good photo opportunity of Eagle Lake on the way back from the end of the waterway.
Allagash River Photo 5
Just a few miles down the road from the takeout. These buffalo are very photogenic.
Picking up a load of canoes at the end of the Allagash
Picking up a load of canoes at the end of the Allagash.
Allagash River Photo 6
A happy group of Israeli businessmen at the end of thier 9-day journey.
Allagash River Photo 2
Although not on the Allagash Waterway, this is an excellent photo opportunity.

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