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The Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River is perhaps the best known waterway in the east for observing and photographing moose. The Penobscot River canoe trip begins at Old Roll Dam and flows into Chesuncook Lake ending at the south end near Old Chesuncook Dam. The Penobscot River is ideal for the beginning canoeist as no rapids or portaging needs to be done. A worthwhile side trip into Lobster Lake with its natural sand beaches and spectacular views of surrounding mountains make it one of Maine's most beautiful lakes. This may be scheduled into your trip. As on the Allagash and the St. John Rivers, all camping is in designated areas only, on a first come first serve basis. At this time there are no specific group size regulations on the Penobscot.

On the Penobscot River there are two popular starting points used by Katahdin Outfitters:

Miles and Number of Days
Old Roll Dam: 45 Miles, 4-5 Days
Lobster Stream: 38 Miles, 3-4 Days


Distances on the West Branch
Seboomook Dam to Roll Dam 2.5 miles
Roll Dam to Penobscot Farm 5.5 miles
Penobscot Farm to Lobster Trip 2.5 miles
Lobster trip to Ogden Point 3 miles
Ogden Point to end of Big Claw 4.5 miles
Lobster Trip to Halfway House 8 miles
Halfway House to Big Island 2.5 miles
Big Island to Pine Stream 6 miles
Pine Stream to Chesuncook Village 3 miles
Chesuncook Village to Chesuncook Dam 16 miles
Chesuncook Dam to Ripogenus Dam 3 miles
Ripogenus Dam to big Eddy 2.5 miles
Big Eddy to Horserace Brook 4 miles
Horserace Brook to Abol Bridge 5 miles
Abol Bridge to Nevers Corner 2 miles
Nevers corner to Debsconeag Falls 3 miles
Debsconeag Falls to Passamagamet Falls 4 miles
Passamagamet Falls to Ambajejus Lake 2 miles


Katahdin Outfitters is not responsible for water levels in the Penobscot River. Mother nature takes care of this and is therefore out of our control.

You may check here to view some of the popular camping spots and put in areas on the West Branch of the Penobscot River.


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